Josh Homme and His Culinary Journey: From Friendship to Food

Josh Homme, the lead singer of Queens of the Stone Age, understands the challenges of life on the road and the temptations of constant dining out. However, when he’s at home in Malibu, he prefers to take matters into his own hands and cook for himself and his family. Fish, cooked on the barbecue, and vegetables prepared in the air fryer, are his go-to choices. To enhance the flavors, he often adds a drizzle of balsamic vinegar from Italy.

During his band’s recent tour in Australia, Homme revealed that one of his favorite places to visit is Degraves Street in Melbourne. He enjoys indulging in eggs benedict, sipping on an espresso, and simply observing people as they go about their day. This love for the finer things in life, when it comes to culinary experiences, can be attributed to his close friendship with the late Anthony Bourdain.

Homme reflects on the valuable lessons he learned from Bourdain over their 15-year friendship. He recalls that Bourdain encouraged him to season dishes more boldly, saying, “season a little harder please.” Homme now applies this advice not only to his own cooking but also encourages his mother to do the same. The idea is to enhance the flavors of the dish, ensuring that additional seasoning is not necessary at the table.

When it comes to eating out, Homme has a few cherished spots. In LA, he frequents Angelini Osteria for their mouthwatering lasagne. Despite not typically being a fan of lasagne, he appreciates the unique approach to the classic dish that Angelini Osteria brings to the table. Additionally, in Melbourne, he loves spending time at Cherry Bar, a place where he has made many unforgettable memories.

In Malibu, there are a couple of local favorites that Homme enjoys. Italia Deli in Calabasas is known for its incredible sandwiches, where they even scoop out the center of the roll to allow for more filling. Another spot he frequents is Le Café De La Plage, where he jokingly refers to it as “the plague.” It’s not so much about the place itself but the company he keeps, as he meets a group of friends there every morning for coffee.

Homme’s culinary journey has taken him from bone marrow dishes in London to foam-topped creations in Copenhagen, all thanks to the influence of Bourdain. He has come to appreciate the art of cooking and the pleasure of savoring quality ingredients. Whether he’s cooking at home or exploring new restaurants, Homme’s passion for food shines through in every bite.

Často kladené otázky:

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1. Degraves Street – Ulice v Melbourne, která je známá svými kavárnami, restauracemi a obchody. Odkaz na webovou stránku Degraves Street.
2. Balsamico – Italský ocet, který se vyrábí z vína zvaného mosto cotto. Používá se především k dochucení jídel. Odkaz na webovou stránku balsamico ocet.
3. Anthony Bourdain – Americký šéfkuchař, autor a televizní osobnost, známý především díky svému dokumentárnímu pořadu “No Reservations.” Odkaz na oficiální website Anthony Bourdain.
4. Angelini Osteria – Restaurace v Los Angeles, která nabízí tradiční italskou kuchyni. Odkaz na webovou stránku Angelini Osteria.
5. Italia Deli – Delikatesa v Calabasasu, Kalifornie, která je známá svými vynikajícími sendviči. Odkaz na webovou stránku Italia Deli.
6. Le Café De La Plage – Kavárna v Malibu, kde Josh Homme rád tráví čas s přáteli při ranní kávě. Odkaz na webovou stránku Le Café De La Plage.

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